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5 Key Features and Benefits of CushionCare

  1. Orthopedic Grade

    CushionCare is designed to allow comfortable sitting for the elderly as well as other people with certain orthopedic issues such as bum hip, pinched spinal nerve, osteoarthritis, spinal curvature, and chronic lower back pain caused by an inflamed disc.

    In addition, the cushion facilitates better blood circulation not just for the back but also for the thighs and legs, which makes it ideal for those who sit for longer periods of time.

  2. Superior Comfort

    The ingenious design of CushionCare makes it the perfect all-around seat cushion as it provides excellent comfort regardless of whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Whether at the office, at home, or outside, this is a cushion that brings comfort for however long you need to sit down.

    In addition to effective buttocks support, it also encourages a straighter spine and therefore better sitting posture, which is necessary in order to prevent undue fatigue.

  3. No Flattening Effect Even with Regular Use

    Unlike most cushions in the market, CushionCare is designed to maintain its shape and structural integrity even after months or years of usage.

    Most people tend to view seat cushions as products that they need to replace every so often, but this is not the case with this one. Its made of high grade memory foam that holds up well and is quite resilient to wear and is quite resilient to wear and tear.

  4. Lightweight

    This is among the lightest and most versatile seat cushions available today, making CushionCare easy to carry around. For those who travel a lot and spend hours on planes/buses/trains, this would come in handy in ensuring maximum comfort. It fits perfectly in a small backpack/rucksack, briefcase, or gym bag.

    You won’t have to be without comfortable seating for any length of time since this is light enough to be taken practically anywhere.

  5. Easily washable

    CushionCare is washing machine safe so cleaning it up is a breeze. Alternatively, it can also be washed by hand. The outer material is easy enough to clean as it does not pick up too much dirt/lint/dust.

    The soft-touch outer material has been carefully chosen by the manufacturer to facilitate clean-up so you won’t have to go long without a comfortable cushion.


I don’t have back pain problems and never suffured from it. Is it still going to improve my seating experience?

Yes! Besides being a great help for people who suffers from back pain problems, the memory foam seat cushin by CushionCare is supper comfort so even you you’re healthy, you can still find it to be a great value

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I live outside of the USA but would like to buy the CushionCare seat cusion, is it possible for me?

Sure you can! let us know and we’ll send you insturctions on how you can purchase it and get it shipped from Amazon warehouse

The CushionCare seat cushion is currently out of stock, how can I get one?

Don’t worry! from time to time our stock is running out but we always try to send a new one before we run out of stock.
In the meanwhile, you’re always welcome to drop up a line and let us know you are interested and we’ll send new a notification at the same day the new stock is for sale (And maybe even send you a unique cupon to thank you for your patiance 🙂 )

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