How an Ergonomic Seat Cushion Help Prevent Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common problems that people experience when driving especially
during long drives. There can be several factors that can cause you to experience back pain and one of the most important factors is your driving posture. The lumbar spine or your lower back absorbs all the stress and tension from your upper body. Poor posture can put significant amount of pressure on your lower back causing the muscles to get tensed and fatigued resulting to lower back ache which if not resolved can even lead to more serious conditions.

Maintaining a good posture the entire time while driving can be tiresome especially with the design of most car seats today. Adjusting your car seat while driving can give you a better posture while driving is one way of preventing low back pain. The proper distance of your car seat from the wheel can provide you more comfortable position. The flat back design of car seats can also be one factor because it doesn’t conform to the natural arc of the spine. Assistive devices like an arc back seat strap can help assist your back to achieve the natural arc. Another effective method is to use CushionCare ergonomic seat cushion. The soft material used in our ergonomic seat cushion provides you with a more comfortable back support.

Our memory foam car seat cushion is an inexpensive way of protecting your spine. The memory foam is soft but tough enough to give you proper back support. Our high quality memory foam car seat cushion can also allow the skin of your back to breathe. Leaning on the back seat can generate heat causing your back to sweating. Our memory foam car seat cushion can allow air to pass through keeping your back cool and dry. Our comfortable coccyx seat cushion will not only prevent back discomfort but your overall health too.

Other tips in preventing low back discomfort while driving includes stretching your leg and buttock muscles while waiting on the red light. This can relax the muscles of your lower back while you’re in a sitting position. It is important that you also take several breaks during long drives so you can stretch your muscles and relax your body. The shock absorbers and hydraulics of your car should also be properly maintained. The extra vibrations while driving can be bad not only for your back, but your passengers too. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated, and your shock absorbers are not worn out.

Our line of CushionCare orthopedic seat cushion can be your best partner during long drives. Our inflatable seat cushion is ergonomically designed to follow the contour of your lower back providing optimal back support. You can check our collection of ergonomic seat cushion at